I'm Dahli Durley: Photographer +

I hold safe spaces for people to be honest + authentic infront of my camera. Everyone has a story, and I empower you to share yours through imagery and through your photography business.  

Question is: what can I do for you???

"No one wants to give $$ to an a**hole."
- Dahli

I grew up on a 40 acre hobby farm in Southwest Wisconsin. We didn't have a lot of money, but we did have an amazing community of family, friends + neighbors. We valued everyone and their stories, and forged relationships based on trust and respect. Everyone got a warm smile and a hug or a handshake, because people don't remember what you had or what you did, but they remember how you made them feel (thank you Maya Angelou). So, when it comes to running my business, I take my relationships with my clients seriously. You work hard for your money, and the last person you want to give it to is someone that you dislike and don't trust. You want to share your hardearned dollars with someone that appreciates you, respects you, and gives you good vibes. Thus, client relationships are the focus of my business and my experiences I provide. 

"Working with Dahli was an absolute DREAM."

"Working with Dahli on our fifth wedding anniversary shoot was an absolute DREAM. She is a true visionary who is professional yet fun and flexible, and can capture your truest essence with her lens. I can’t wait to book our tenth anniversary shoot!"

- Dani Sparklin | Couples Session

I love to tell your story through my lens

I love to tell your story through my lens

"Dahli was FANTASTIC! Our elopement photos are gorgeous and she was instrumental in helping craft a beautiful, laid-back memorable day."

Kelsey Wilde | Elopement Session

What People are Saying:

"Dahli was a literal dream. She made us feel wildly comfortable and now we are basically models. Also her turn around time was out of this world and very prompt. 10/10 would hire again.

What People are Saying:

Missy Hoch | Engagement Session