a creative freedom-seeker hellbent on living a life of travel, adventure + romance, and financial freedom

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enabler of rad times.
BADA$$ Business Bitch.

I did everything I was expected to: graduate high school, get a bachelors, then my masters, get married, have an office job, start a 401k, and learn how to maximize PTO. But I realized that something felt deeply lacking. I had the things I was taught made a "good" life, and still felt stuck.

Years later, I realized I was living out OTHER peoples' dreams, not mine. OTHER people's hope for me, not mine. Who was I? What did I want to be? Do? What were MY priorities and MY dreams?

I spent the last few years of my 20's and into my early 30's rewriting my story: I left my failing marriage, jumped ship on my office job and decided to take my passion for photos and turn it into a career. Through building this new business I also built a new life for myself, one where connection with people and myself were pinnacle for success. I created my own schedule. I traveled the world and had experiences I would have never dreamed I could have. I worked with clients that shared my vision for love, fun and creativity. I decided my own worth and connected with others that respected it and felt the same. 

This beautiful life I've built was made through trial and error, and many, many mistakes. But I wouldn't have built it any other way, and I'm happy share what I've learned with you, through taking your photo and helping you grow your own business that enables you to live the life you love to life.

You get one shot, give it all you got

Facts about Dahli

  • I have 22 tattoos (and counting!)
  • I ride a '75 honda cb200t motorcycle
  • I was in the 10% of tetris players in the world
  • Croissanys + coffee are my simple joy in life

Virgil is my fluffy orange cat companion. I've had her since 2014, When she was gifted to me, she was a small stray kitten (she fit int he palm of my hand!) Since then she's grown into a fat, sassy snuggler that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Who is Virgil?

I LOVE Iceland, Paris and Mexico City. The streets, the lights, the nature, the people... I know these places like the back of my hand and would happily go back and bring you with me for some photos!

Where are your favorite places to travel?

LOL. Nope, I sure didn't. I have a bachelors, an MBA, a certification in UX/UI, and I taught myself photography through Youtube and just picking up a camera and making a lot of mistakes. If you want to make it happen, you will.

Did you go to school for photography?



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March 14-21 


July 17-28

Phoenix, AZ

beaches, jungle, waterfalls, swimsuits + tropical fun 

Either in Portland proper or drive out to the coast and cliffs for mood nature vibes

June 8,9,10

Travel Sessions


desert, neon signs and low-lit bars, retro meets urban cowboy with some funk


more beaches, jungle, waterfalls, temples, scooters, swimsuits, sunsets!


October 5,7,8

meet me while I'm on the road and get a discount! I choose the specific locations + create mood boards as inspo. Can be a creative shoot, engagement or even an elopement!

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photography, branding, web design, strategy, mentorship, cheerleading. I'm here to help you succeed and live the life you've always dreamed of.


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photography, branding, web design, strategy, mentorship, cheerleading. I'm here to help you succeed and live the life you've always dreamed of.